We carry out all types of work related to the renovation and repair of buildings of any complexity. We will carry out the reconstruction of office premises, private houses, apartments, roofs of various supporting structures. In the process of long-term operation of the building, it becomes necessary to restore structures that have worn out over time. Bygg Co offers structural renovation services as well as interior decoration.


We work with passion, and we will carry out renovation at the object you need: repair of office space, repair of a house, summer house, the whole city apartment or just a small part of it (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathrooms) various supporting structures, house basics, and water supply.


Specialists of Bygg Co will help to carry out all the necessary technical calculations and in the shortest possible time at a high level will perform all the necessary work on the renovation of the facility.


We specialize in: 
commercial property renovation
office renovation
conference room
warehouse renovation
factory premises renovation
workshop renovation
lunchroom renovation
home renovation
apartment renovation
kitchen design
kitchen renovation
facade renovation
terrace renovation
summer house renovation
garage renovation
carport renovation
hunting house renovation
ranch house renovation
barn and farmhouse renovation
restoration of old house facades

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