Highly skilled painting works on any surface. Our professionals will paint the facade, walls, floors as well as carry out the necessary work on priming, grinding, and polishing surfaces.


To have a finished look, all surfaces inside and outside of the premises must have high quality painted finish or facade covering. It is always a huge plus to refresh the appearance of the room or extend the life of any surface, then it needs renovation and painting. Our specialists will carry out quality painting of any kind of surface, help you choose the necessary tone, color, or material for coating surfaces. Painting protects surfaces from exposure and prolongs service life for all possible surfaces from floors to ceilings.


Professionally performed paint works will save you thousands in the long run and protect your property. You will be satisfied with the result and quality of painting performance from Bygg Co painting professionals.


We specilaize in: 

spray painting

house facade painting

priming works

grinding works

puttying and painting

lacquer coating

oil coating

wall painting

ceiling painting

floor painting

finish painting

medium painting

base/rough painting


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