To create reliable mason works, contact us and our professionals will erect the masonry according to your wishes in a timely manner. Our company provides impeccable quality of construction through the use of high-quality raw materials and modern technologies. 


Masonry work is the basis of the foundations of construction, laying of bricks, concrete blocks, foam blocks, and other materials must be carried out according to all requirements of the technological process. We are engaged in all types of laying works and we know a lot about good laying.


Our company has all the necessary mechanisms to allow us to speed up the implementation of all masonry activities in summer and winter. Whether it is laying concrete blocks, bricks, or stone slabs – with the attitude and passion of our craftsmen, your foundation, and the whole building will serve you for many years and will also serve to reach your grandchildren!


We specilaize in:

facade renovation

facade insulation

restoration of old house facades


block laying

pipe laying

facade cladding

pavement laying

plinth exterior finishing works

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