We carry out any joinery work on wood. The high-quality production of carports, terraces, or any wooden structures. Experienced craftsmen of Bygg Co will perform carpentry work of any level.


We will fulfill your order with pleasure, whether it is the manufacture of a terrace, wooden doors or home fittings, floor replacement, decorative panels, or any facade elements. When it comes to carpentry we will perform at our best. Wood is a very specific material to work with, it should be the right choice of wood for each detail for the best possible performance.


Our obsession with this great and natural material combined with years of experience drives us to great results and satisfied customers.After discussing project details with our specialist and indicating the time frames you will receive a high-quality carpentry service. Every wood detail from door to window frame will look perfect and perform for
years and years after meeting with our carpenters.


We specialize in: 

kitchen design (kitchen project development)
kitchen installation
floor replacement (parket, laminate, tiles, vinyl, wooden, solid wood)
floor laying (parket, laminate, tiles, vinyl, wooden, solid wood)
window replacement

door replacement
window installation
door installation
furniture assembly and disassembly
construction and renovation of teras
assembly of teras
sale and construction of summer houses
construction of garages and sheds
pool installation
renovation and construction of sheds
installation of gates
mounting of a fences

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